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DATAGRO is one of the world largest agricultural consultancy. DATAGRO has a well-trained team of more than 80 employees, concentrating strengths in its headquarters located in São Paulo, and in other five offices – Alphaville, New York, Recife, Ribeirao Preto and Santos. Through innovative analysis, provides excellent tools to assist in a full comprehension of the market, aggregating value to the commercial and strategic positioning of our clients and partners.

As an strategic consultancy, DATAGRO has assisted the Brazilian and other sovereign country governments in initiates related to energy planning (on ethanol, gasoline and biofuels), ethanol and sugar deregulation, trade negotiations and disputes. DATAGRO is also assisting the development of ethanol and biofuels strategies in various parts of the world.

DATAGRO’s customer base is spread in 41 countries, and five continents, and is comprised of sugar, ethanol and biodiesel producers, trading companies, banks, fuel distributors, input suppliers, governments, investment and hedge funds, and logistics companies. More...





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